How Do I View Food?

My fitness journey starts at a very young age. I always described myself as the heart of an athlete with the body of a diabetic. Even though I desired to play sports, I didn’t look like an athlete. I was over weight my entire life. I grew up trying all sorts of weight loss things: P90X, Insanity, intermittent fasting. Those didn’t work. Nothing worked. I would pray for the Lord to help me lose weight, but I never could. I always fell short. It wasn’t until I was in my second year of graduate school when my weight loss journey began. I remember laying in my bed praying. “Lord, you know I would like to lose weight, but if that is not Your will, I will love this body you have given me for the rest of my life regardless.” Two weeks later it was like a switch went off. I started to make food choices that aligned with losing weight and this time it was different. This time the Lord was with me.
In this blog post I hope to shed some light on what the Lord taught me during my journey in how to view food.

How to view food.

First of all, how should we view food? This is basic and important question because the way we view food will guide how we eat. For instances, if we view our food as comforting, it is more likely that when we are under stress, we will turn to food for comfort. Although to view food as comfort is prevalent in our culture, it is not righteous. We are to look to God as our comfort (2 Corinthians 1:3-4.)
So how should we view food? I propose this:
Food is a gracious gift that enables us to serve and glorify Him longer.
To have food accessible is not a right or privilege that God owes us. It is a gift to have the means to obtain food. This paradigm shift was important for me. The more I viewed food as a gracious gift from God, the more I enjoyed the food. I was also harder for me to over eat.
The reason why I defined food as giving us the ability to serve Him longer is because there are times that not eating is necessary, its called fasting. Fasting is a time in which we deny food temporarily to reorient our mind and heart to depend upon God. Fasting is glorifying to the Lord, but obviously we can’t fast forever. Food enables us to have energy to serve Him for long term. The goal of our service is ultimately to bring glory to God. 1 Corinthians 10:31 says “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”
Now how should we view food in social situations?
Let’s be honest, the social atmosphere that goes along with food makes a difference. If we are at your family’s Christmas celebration, we are not going to make ourself a salad. In fact, please don’t. Food is a gift. If we are given this food by family, enjoy it. Don’t abuse it, but enjoy it. Use the social atmosphere as an opportunity to focus on the relationships around you. This change of focus will help you not over eat potentially not healthy foods. Besides, sometimes eating your own healthy meal, deters you from that since of community. It takes wisdom from the Holy Spirit to know when you should eat your own healthy meal or what the community around you is eating. If you are a missionary, you don’t have a choice many times. But if you are at a restaurant with your friends, you can order healthy for yourself.
My journey right now:
I would like to say, I have mixed emotions about eating right now. On one hand, I was successful in losing 50 pounds, but on the other hand I am currently struggling with over-eating. Regardless, I promised myself to be authentic with you guys, and this is a journey that I hope to take together with you. Luckily for all of us, I believe God has provided the knowledge we need to figure out what we need to eat. And He has also provided a community of people to help each other make wise choices and glorify God with those choices.
I hope this gave you some things to ponder. If you have any personal experiences of your journey towards a weight loss goal, please write me in the comments below. Let’s encourage each other through our testimony. As always, have a great day everyone.

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  1. Mindful eating. Tasting the food with gratitude. Thanking God for providing the nutrients in the vegetables that grow and the animals that consume them as we chew.

    (and avoiding sugar, empty carbs, of course.)


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