About Me

Hello Everyone,

My name is Caroline Khameneh. I am the founder of Fit Theology. Fit Theology exists to coach people in how to steward the life and body they have been given in a way that honors, glorifies, and praises the Triune God. Our vision at Fit Theology is that we would inspire a new mindset within the church that values God’s gift of the body, soul and spirit. Regardless of how you view your health in body, soul and spirit, God has still given us the opportunity to live today. We believe it is important to steward the health that God has given us.

I believe Fit Theology is going to inspire and revolutionize people’s life because it has revolutionized my own life. I have struggle with being healthy. I did not grow up in the best shape. I did sports growing up but I looked like a couch potato. I struggled with insulin resistance at a very young age. I tried everything to lose weight, but nothing seemed to work. It wasn’t until I finally declared to the Lord that no matter what I looked like or what level of health I was at, I would love and value the body and life He had given me. Two weeks later, I randomly started working towards losing weight. This time it was different. My efforts finally saw results. I lost fifty pounds. Through this weight loss journey I realized that this body was a gift from God and I could make choices that honor and glorify him or choices that take this gift for granted. This revolutionize my mindset. At Fit Theology, we hope to give you insight and practical application steps to steward all that God has given you. I hope you would partner with me to revolutionize the church’s perspective of health and the body.




      • I am not a fitness or nutrition professional. All advice should be checked with a professional.
      • I realize that my words or perspective will have a lack of understanding to someone’s reality in life. I can not see every perspective. The position that I hold is limited. I am praying that my perspective does more good than harm. I am doing my best to prayerfully depend on God and steward the information/perspective I do have, but I will fall short. Feel free to contact me at ckhameneh@fittheology.com to help me see any perspective or information I am not aware of. Together, we can better understand the magnificent God we serve.