ThM Emphasis

I decided to do Media Arts and Worship and Pastoral Care Emphasis to better prepare me to understand people and communicate that with the general public.Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 8.39.27 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 8.39.11 PM.pngUpload/link:

  • Video and written blogs: these blog posts are to portray my communication through multiple facets of media.
  • Evidence of teaching physical and spiritual wellness.
  • Blog about community and discipleship in health
  • Blog about food deserts and insecurities

Requirements Completed with descriptions:

1. is a link where you can find various written and video blogs about how to steward the gift of health to glorify God. Specific links include: and

2. I was able to teach one brown bag before my internship, you can see evidence of my work Brown Bag. I was able to interact with many people separately on a more personal level in which does not have evidence, but it was over the same idea as the brown bag.

3. Spiritual health and physical health are similar in that they need to be done in community. Here’s a link to a blog post I did on the importance of working in community. 

4. While I was seeking to develop a more culturally aware perspective, encountered Sarah Kate where I learned about food deserts and food insecurities.

Reflective Statements

  • Learning Reflection
    • As I developed and demonstrated my emphasis in media arts and pastoral care, I have learned there’s always something new to learn whether that’s in developing your media skills or learning about a person. It is always important to keep learning. I have also learned that many people like to teach about themselves. It shows value to another person by being kind, respectful and curious. A lot of barriers seemed to be crossed that way. I learned that it is important to develop humility. Humility allows true learning and listening to take place. If you assume you know what a person is going to say, you are not truly learning or listening.
  • Lifelong Development Statement
    • As a result of the experiences documented by these artifacts, I will continue to develop in media arts by continuing to publish my blogs and videos even when I am never satisfied with my personal work. Many times my perfectionism gets in the way of me actually sharing or saying anything, which in turn keeps me from helping anyone. I would like to learn to manage my perfectionism and publish more posts. I would also like to continue in my pastoral care emphasis by continuing to learn about people’s struggles and successes as it relates to spiritual and physical health.

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