Food Insecurities

The way in which I lost weight was a blessing. I had no idea that the foods I was able to attain and even restrict were a sign of privilege. During this past month I was involved in a cycling tour from coast to coast of the United States. Our goal was to travel from…

Activate the Buddy System

Do you have your buddy? Don’t enter your health journey without them. Use the buddy system at all times.
Let’s face it. Life is hard. Living a healthy life can arguably make it harder. Whether you are trying to focus on living a healthy spiritual, physical, emotional, or all of the above life, you need to have a buddy. And here’s why…

Being Fit is Not Glamorous

Being healthy takes consistent effort. You have to wake up everyday and choose to exercise, eat right, get sleep, and drink water. Only to wake up and do it again. It is not glamorous.

Do I Need to Exercise?

Do I need to exercise to be healthy? We are constantly bombarded with the importance of exercise. In this blog post I hope to give you an encouraging perspective on the role of exercise in your life.


The popular hashtags that describe my life are #riseandgrind #hustle #fakeittilyoumakeit and #iamfine. From the interactions I have, this is a common way of life for others as well. In this blog, I am going to explore the #hustle mindset and provide some helpful alternative perspectives.

How Do I View Food?

My fitness journey starts at a very young age. I always described myself as the heart of an athlete with the body of a diabetic. Even though I desired to play sports, I didn’t look like an athlete. I was over weight my entire life. I grew up trying all sorts of weight loss things: P90X,…

Let Go of Your Dreams…Or Not?

So I just made my way through the book, “How Badly Do You Want It?” It’s a great book talking about how athletes can master the psychology of mind over muscle and accomplish their dreams. In the book author Matt Fitzgerald, tells the story of World Champion triathlete, Siri Lindley. Siri had a goal of…