Getting Healthy? Let’s Get Vulnerable

Getting healthy is not an easy endeavor. You are not only changing physically but you are also changing mentally, emotionally, and many times spiritually, or at least that’s my story. One of the first changes I had to make in my health journey was developing an ability to be vulnerable. Vulnerable is what Brené Brown…

When I Compare: Scarcity Series

For the past couple of articles we have been discussing the scarcity mindset. It is the perspective of not having or being enough. Not pretty enough. Not fit enough. Not healthy enough. Not rested enough. Not wealthy enough. You name it. We are spending three articles to look at each component of the scarcity mindset:…

Health and Wellbeing Shame: Scarcity Series

Last article we talked about the scarcity mindset which is the mindset of  worry about not having or being enough. There are three components of the scarcity mentality: shame, comparison and disengagement. This article will be taking a brief look into shame. Now you might think that shame doesn’t effect you because you haven’t been…

Never Good Enough: Scarcity Series

“I am not good enough.” “I am not skinny enough.” “I am not strong enough.” “I am not fit enough.” “I am not healthy enough.” “I don’t get enough sleep” “I don’t have enough time.” I have never met a living soul that didn’t have thoughts like these. It has plagued our world from creation….

Conversations Coast to Coast

I made it! 2535 miles. It has been a while since I got back to Dallas and I’ve been thinking… I should post some pictures. These pictures were captured by Jeff Cross. Thanks Jeff. This trip was a mind blowing adventure. It helped me develop confidence to do anything the Lord asks. With patience and…

Do I Need to Exercise?

Do I need to exercise to be healthy? We are constantly bombarded with the importance of exercise. In this blog post I hope to give you an encouraging perspective on the role of exercise in your life.


The popular hashtags that describe my life are #riseandgrind #hustle #fakeittilyoumakeit and #iamfine. From the interactions I have, this is a common way of life for others as well. In this blog, I am going to explore the #hustle mindset and provide some helpful alternative perspectives.