Cultural Engagement

Part I

Definition for Cultural Engagement

  • “The student demonstrates appreciation for the many dimensions of ongoing public-square and global conversations related to social, cultural, religious, biblical, and theological concerns, and develops a biblical Christian perspective that results in knowledgeable, compassionate dialogue with appropriate evangelistic engagement.”


  • Because I feel I can always improve understanding people who are different than me, I need to have consistent conversations with people who are different than me.


  • Attend one group ride a week and have one conversation with someone different than me.

  • I will attend one discussion a month developing my understanding of different cultures.


  • WTD podcast

  • Divide by Faith By:Michael Emerson


Part II


  1. I journaled different conversations I have with people around my Coast to Coast Cycling Tour. Due June 30. Cultural Engagement Journal

Overall Reflection Statement for Cultural Engagement 

For my competence in cultural engagement,  I am submitting my cultural engagement journal and my thoughts about an interview with Sarah Kate who provides food to children with food insecurities. Both of these artifacts opened my eyes that people different perspectives and struggles. It is important for me to share God’s love by listening and being curious about their perspective and stories.

Artifacts With Descriptions

1.  In my cultural engagement journal I documented different interactions I had with people of different cultures and the big take aways I learned from them.  Cultural Engagement Journal

2. My next artifact is a reflection of what I learned about food deserts and food insecurities. Many parts of America are unable to get fresh vegetables or meats. They live in parts of the country that doesn’t have a local grocery store. That is a different cultural norm than me. I also learned about food insecurities in children which are children that don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Food Insecurities

Learning Reflection

As I developed and demonstrated cultural engagement,  I have learned that many times you need to seek out people different from yourself. It might be uncomfortable, but it will be worth it because your life is a lot richer hearing and knowing people different from you. Also I learned that being kind, respectful and curious is a great way to approach conversations. Most people will engage in a conversation with you if they sense a sincere curiosity and respect.

5.  Lifelong Development Statement

As a result of the experiences documented by these artifacts, I will continue to develop in cultural engagement by not being scared to engage in a conversation. I learned so much by asking people about their beliefs and life. Most people were willing to help me understand because I was willing to listen. Many times I am too scared or nervous to start a conversation. But in my experience, most people are friendly and willing. 

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